Snark Bottom Farm

Snark Bottom Farm and barn had declined from its heyday as a working farm to a sad reminder of how our rural communities have had to adapt to a new age and new working practices. With a little TLC and an imaginative, alternative eye, this modest house and its derelict barn could once again become the thriving hub it once was.

The dilapidated barn was to be thoroughly stripped out and re-built using traditional oak frames to add integrity to the structure and allow for the creation of a large modern living space.


The renovation would require skill and knowledge that in many ways are at odds with the innovations of our twenty first-century world; these are skills that our forebears from previous centuries knew. The components would be produced off site in our fabrication shop and installed on site at the appropriate time.

The finished Queen trusses

The finished Queen trusses


Queen truss in detail

Queen truss in detail


Work progresses rapidly once the frames begin to be installed and it is not long before the building begins to take shape and the roof is stabilised with the addition of the ‘Crown Plate’ purlin.



With the roof on and the building now weather proof the interior begins to come together and for the first time the customer begins to have an idea what their original concept is going to look like in reality.


The building is nearing completion. The floors are laid and protected; the kitchen is also installed and sheeted ready for the decorators to arrive.

Looking less like a building site, the structure already has a feel of home about it.

Detail of wall post and bracers

Detail of wall post and bracers



A view through the ‘queen trusses’ shows the beautiful symmetry of the structure. The building is almost finished, on schedule and according to plan.


All that remains are those finishing touches and attention to detail, the  site clearance, and of course the all important ‘topping out’.