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Sullivan Building Restoration

Skills and Experience are the two most important factors any company can possess when engaged in the specialist field of restoration. The exacting parameters demanded by architects, local authorities and overseeing organisations such as English Heritage and the National Trust can only be met by a sound knowledge of traditional practises.

Sullivan Building Oak Frames

Green Oak Frames and trusses are a development in construction that originated in the medieval period and was used extensively in the building of the great cathedrals; York minster and St. George’s chapel are fine examples of the use of green oak. Those same techniques employed by Early English and Tudor builders are used today to create a unique fusion of ancient and modern styles and materials.

Sullivan Building Bespoke Designs

With the right designer and the right builder dreams are turned into reality. We know what we want from our homes so let’s build them.

Sullivan Building Commercial

Commercial building is all about that fine line drawn between functionality and economy. Even in this sector unique construction skills are required; not least of these is logistical organisation where client deadlines are of paramount importance.